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How it all began

From a very young age, I was drawn to both art and music. Banging wooden spoons on big sweet tins filled with LEGO bricks eventually resulted (through a curious happenstance) in being presented at age nine, with a proper full size 5 piece Premier drum kit.
However, despite an initial enthusiasm for drums; It was the guitar that compelled, and long before I could even play a note; I was dancing around posing with the ubiquitous family BM Classico, or making extremely breakable (but cool) flying V's from Mechano.
As a teenager, and frustrated with the drums; I eventually traded them in for a shiny new Electric Guitar (you can read more about all the guitars in the blog section). This was however a whole year after getting my first acoustic (a steel strung Fender Flat Top), at age 14.
Always a keen graphic artist, the music bug had bitten so hard that by age 16 school studies had become all but irrelevant. All that mattered was trying to master this crazy beast, and writing beautiful music with it...oh and getting rich and famous of course.
Decades of experience, playing, crafting, writing, and honing whatever skills I can muster on both Acoustic and Electric guitar, as well as a behind the desk career in unrelated areas of the music business; I am finally working more proactively towards being the professional eclectic Guitarist I always dreamed of being.

Please see the SERVICES section for details on the various ways I can add more GUITAR to your life (not Cowbell).

This now includes one to one private tuition.

- Ben (September 2020)

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