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Always press 'Record' - A Cautionary Tale

When I started making music back in the early 90s, I wasn't always as great with my housekeeping as I would be now. Throughout my formative years with a cassette based 4 track, to my first really listenable creations, I often had no real long term future proof mentality, or any rigid discipline of mixing finished tracks to DAT or even just CD. As a result; the most creative, intense and inspired period in my life suffers from some very patchy record keeping and non-existent cataloging. Much music has been lost. Many compositions are just gone. There are many known losses (the Ozric Tentacles inspired space jams I did with me mates Graham and Jason for example), and there are even more unknow


Originally published: 28th September 2015 John Boorman’s 1974 post-apocalyptic science fiction cult classic comes to Blu-Ray in restored, feature packed resplendence. Starring Sean Connery in only his second film role since his last official Bond (Diamonds Are Forever), stars alongside Charlotte Rampling, Sara Kestelman, and John Alderton in this stylish, and very quirky ‘future society’ tale. To say that Zardoz remains a somewhat misunderstood slice of 70’s post ‘hippie’ sci-fi, is to sell it short while speaking no lie. People do seem to find it a tad unfathomable for some reason. Having been a moderate fan of the film since childhood; this author has long since acclimatised to it’s innate



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