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A blistering finger-style acoustic technique in pursuit of the most beautiful notes.

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What some kind folks have had to say recently

“Ben is a man who is in love with writing music on his beloved guitar. If your lucky enough to see him play live you will find the memory of his performance keeping your own heart strings warm on many a cold night.
He is not only technically mind blowing, but has the rare ability to express himself through music with such magical melodies that his audiences are quite simply left captivated"

Sarah Taylor-Morris

"In the music game Ben is like the ultimate power up!
I've had the good fortune to work with him on many projects, and what he brings is a wealth of production experience, musical knowledge and most crucially the finest musicianship"

Fil Jones

"Benjamin Pegley was a talent that emerged from the shadows when the newly-formed Garden Birds fluttered their wings with a charity gig of original music at St Mary's Church, Chilton. This formally trained musician contributed a bravura set of his own compositions on acoustic guitar"

Valerie Herbert

See what I mean? Wow! Just wow!
That guy can play!

Ollie Winiberg - BBC Radio

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One of the most exciting new areas I'm is exploring right now is in my solo acoustic performance.
As a long standing and prolific writer of original music for acoustic guitar; a live performance is can be a singular pleasure.
I try and fuse an often blistering finger-style technique with as much of a sense of beauty, fluidity and space as I can muster beneath my fingers.
Many of my compositions are then sprinkled with a healthy nod towards true 'on the night' improvisation (you can blame studying Jazz for that sensibility). As Douglas Adams once wrote "We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty" - Well I don't deal in doubt, but a little artistic uncertainty can certainly provide room for some exciting and very genuine exploration.



Thirty plus years playing in bands from Rock to Funk to Indie, Jazz and Fusion to Motown and Northern Soul; I consider myself an adaptive, tasteful, and seasoned Electric Guitar player.
If your band requires a 'dep' guitar player to come in at short notice and save the day, then definitely contact with the details, and I will do my very best to help you out.


Curated Acoustic Ambience

If you have an event or special occasion that requires a subtle live acoustic flavour, then I can provide a service tailored perfectly to your needs.
Contact me to discuss your requirements.


The right part, at the right time

If you’re looking for a adaptable, taste orientated guitar player who will be a pleasure to work with on your recording session, look no further. Whatever your musical needs are, I am confident that I can meet them in the most professional way, and of course give your project a little sprinkling of Benji dust.


Let's go there!

As my favourite Steve Hillage quote suggests; let's make your project happen!
As a veteran of many successful artistic collaborations, and a survivor of a few challenging ones; you can rest assured that you’ve found a guy to work with who can cope with almost anything. I bring a distinctive yet sympathetic sensibility both as a guitarist, and as a producer.
If you’re looking for a professional, experienced musician to collaborate with on whatever level perfectly suits the project; then feel free to get in touch.


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